Brusha Brusha Signed Jan Hard Enamel Pin

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Hard Enamel Pin.

2 Rubber Clutches.

Measures 1.03" H x 1.25"W.

Each pin comes on a post card signed by Jamie Donnelly herself. Because of this, shipping will be painfully slow, so please be patient.

Jamie Donnelly, her husband, Stephen and myself, worked hard on these pins to get them just right.

If you've ever wondered what Jamie is like in person, she's exactly what you would imagine- the absolute sweetest human on earth. Keep checking with us for more projects in the future because this will be a life long partnership for sure. 


Molds are made of the image and then colored by hand with enamel. Once complete they are fired and become hard, almost like glass. They are then polished for a smooth finish and shine. Small differences are normal based on this hand made process. Anything that doesn't meet our standards will be listed on sale as a second.